As a developing motion and design studio, we believe an important tool to have in your arsenal is passion! The videos we produce have to have the ability to connect with the audience, portray the underlying emotions, and have an impact.

Our dedication, devotion, and passion are the reason why we have been recognized as a top Ukraine's creative services company by Clutch!

Clutch, a B2B resource in Washington D.C, reviews and ranks service-providers to help them connect with businesses. Clutch analysts use a multitude of factors to rank these service providers; one factor is unbiased client feedback. Clutch analysts conduct calls with clients of the service provider to gather feedback that is unbiased and verified. Our clients left wonderful feedback which allowed us to have a 5 star rating on our Clutch page. Our portfolio can also be found on Visual Objects, Clutch's sister site and a portfolio showcase resource.

Clutch Recognizes Motion 55 as a Top Creative & Design Company in Ukraine!
In addition, we are also listed on The Manifest, a blog resource for entrepreneurs to keep up to date with industry data. We work hard to produce and create the best videos; videos that tell our clients stories accurately and passionately.

We are so glad to receive this recognition! As a growing company, feedback is super important as it allows us to know our strengths and weaknesses.

"We are very happy about this award! We are a new motion design studio and it is very important for us to know that what we do is necessary for this world. Thank you very much to all our customers and all those who help us. We are growing and developing for you! This is a very important reward for us!" - CEO, Motion 55

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